Saturday, January 02, 2016

Mind Preparation for Sewing

It has been cool here and cooler/colder elsewhere in our province. It was -10.5C or 13F yesterday. It got to a high of -7.6 or 18F. This morning is a bit cooler at -11C or 12F. Both days had a few snowflakes fall. 


I worked the first day of the big sale yesterday. Surprisingly enough it wasn't busy like in previous years. Two days makes a difference as does a good sale the week before. When it wasn't busy, we cleaned up our areas.
The Spousal Unit did a bit around the house yesterday. He is feeling good so did what he could before he starts chemo again on Tuesday.


I am preparing my mind to sew some each day I am off work. The first day is to set up the sewing room as it was before company came. Then I can start sewing. My first project is ready to be traced.


I work a full 8 hours at the store. I know I will come home, eat, and fall asleep in my chair as it will be day 3 of working.
Until tomorrow......................

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