Friday, January 15, 2016

Laughter is Good Therapy

Our weather has been grey with a bit of sunshine and the temperature has been hovering near freezing. Yesterday the difference between the high and low was 6C. We got to 3C or 38F. I looked out the window last evening and it was snowing.


I have worked 8 hour shifts for the last two days. A new sale that is crazy hard to write up. Got it figured out and helped others. There have been a lot of people buying keeping us super busy.
Yesterday morning I went in early to put away fabric as there was a lot of fabric behind the tables. I put a bolt into one display and half of it fell onto the floor. Put a bolt into the display beside it and half of that display fell on the floor. I worked off and on all day getting those two displays redone. We all joked about it all day and a couple of times we laughed so hard we cried.


I am happy to hear that a few of you liked the gift bags and will be trying them out. I hope to make a few more myself for the craft box.
I bought some Christmas fabric at 75% off (all from the same line) and I am figuring out what to make from it. There is red with reindeers, red with stockings, red with holly and a lime green with vines on it. They go together perfectly. I will mull for a bit on it.
The top I put a zipper in was the talk at the store. Everyone wants to learn how I do it. I will have to do a tutorial on it and will share it here with you.


I work at 1:30 p.m. so we are heading out to shop for groceries. I may (or may not) have time to work on my top. I am sure I will come home not as tired as the previous two nights as I am working 4 hours only. Yes!!
Until tomorrow...................

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