Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Yesterday was a warmer day with the temperatures rising above freezing. I have to say it was nice to see the sunshine and the water on the side of the road from the snow melting. This morning the temperature is 2C or 35C.


Inspired by a blog post, I headed downstairs with a load of laundry and spent some time cleaning up the laundry room. I sorted all the cleaning supplies, dumped what we don't use down the drain, wiped shelves, and arranged everything on the unit neatly. I also wiped down the washer and dryer, gave them a shine as they look like stainless steel (titanium coloured) and put old towels on the tops. Next I cleaned up the litter box, swept the floor, emptied the garbage, moved a few items under a dresser and scrubbed the basement stairs. I was tired and sore when I got done. But I was also happy. Thank you Allison for the inspiration.
I had enough energy in me to sweep and mop our bedroom floor. Truthfully I finished in time to show the basement apartment to a young couple. Two hours later, we had our apartment rented and they will be back on Saturday to sign the papers and will move in Feb. 1. Strangely enough, we had another call last night from an older couple who wanted to rent it also. Right area, right size, right price. They almost wanted to secure it sight unseen.


I cut out the top in the knit fabric I bought for a muslin. It was horrid to work with as it seemed to be off grain. I used up almost 3.5 meters of fabric trying to get it to work. Once done, I started sewing the top together.
I do like how the seams went together so well. I did serge the seams once I had stitched them.
I am sure this top is going to be a bit small so I am going to have to start, once again, working on loosing weight. I know I have been stressed with the Spousal Unit's chemo, doing extra work at home, many hours of work in the store, Jill's declining health, and wanting the apartment rented. I think I am ready to begin again unless my thyroid is running on the low side. Then it will be when it returns to normal - about 3 weeks from now.


The scarf is finished. I cast it off last night and now need to figure out how to block it. It is very long and I don't have a surface that long. I need to figure out what to do.
I started to put together an afghan for a co-worker. I spent a good hour trying to figure out how to crochet two panels together so it looks like her mom's. I think I have it but I need to make sure.


I work a full 8 hour shift today. That means I will arrive home tired. But, the next three days are 4 hour shifts and the last shift is 5 hours. I love those shifts.
Until tomorrow.........................

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