Friday, January 08, 2016

Home Early = Sewing Time

Yesterday was our warmest day for quite a while. The low was -0.8C or 30.5F. The high got to 2.4C or 36F. When driving, one had to use a lot of windshield washer as the roads are bare and wet. We will be experiencing normal temperatures for the next while.


I headed out to work yesterday morning a bit early to sweep floors but that job was done. I went around and put down mats, put away and cleaned up some fleece prior to starting work.
I had some fabric to put away, cottons to clean up, a display of cottons to move and new cottons to put out. I was busy but it was fun. I went home after 4 hours as it was slow and I was happy to be off. One person was sad as she wanted to learn a few tricks in the cottons.
The Spousal Unit is still sore from his chemo pills but is handling it okay. He can take Advil if his temperature is at normal so he gets some relief. He should be over the aches and pains soon and get around easily. He hates it when he can't putter. He isn't nearly as tired this time which is good.


I had 3 hours to sew in yesterday afternoon. I was delighted. I made a wine bottle bag and took pictures to do a tutorial.
I put a bit of ribbon on the cuff but it didn't show up in the picture very well.
There will be a matching gift bag which one could put two wine glasses (well wrapped) into. It could be used for many other types of gifts as well.
I have to continue looking at my fabric to see if I can make at least two more of these sets. I do have to say it is fun to be using up the Christmas fabric stash even if I have only used up two pieces plus a piece found in the freebie box at work. I bought the ribbons as I don't have any on hand.


I was able to get 12 rows knit on the scarf. I had to unknit two rows as I missed a yarn over. That took a bit of time to do as I had unknitting issues.


I work an 8 hour shift unless I get to come home early. The only thing on the agenda is to knit tonight. If I come home early, I will sew up the gift bag as it is ready to go.
Until tomorrow.....................

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