Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Fabric for Projects

Yesterday was another lovely sunny day. The warm temperature at 7 a.m. cooled down to near freezing and then warmed up to 3.4C or 38F. This morning it is -1.5C or 29F. The weatherman is forecasting it to get to 7C or almost 45F tomorrow. We wait and see.


I got to the fabric store yesterday morning and we had many good laughs. The manager called my name and I said NO. Several other co-workers asked if I had come to work. All in jest and we had a great time teasing and laughing.
Between sewing the two sleeves in the muslin, I had to have a nap. I put in a sleepless night and was falling quite quickly into the mires of crankiness. All was well when I woke up.
I spent some time thinking about my eating habits and feel I am eating too much wheat (aka white flour). As I come out of the thyroid funk, I plan on eating differently. I did do portion control yesterday and didn't eat in the evening. A start. Now to keep it up. 
The Spousal Unit is feeling much better. He decided to work on the front entry closet and did some mudding. I am hoping he gets what he wants done before his next chemo. Having stuff piled in the living room is not my idea of fun while he has his aches and pains and no energy for two weeks. Having the closet done will be delightful. Even almost done will be delightful.


I got fabric, ladies. I got fabric!! The first piece is a Black Watch plaid to make the Spousal Unit a winter shirt. It is a cotton fabric with a brushed finished.
The plan is to make the yokes, front bands, and cuffs on the bias.
I was asked to make two projects for the store. These I don't pay for as they are displayed for a month. The advantage ~ new clothes in neat fabrics. The disadvantage ~ more patterns for the pattern stash.
This top will be made first. The fabric is a cotton knit and I will do a lace overlay. I would have done a black lace overlay but there wasn't enough lace left on the bolt so others could copy.
The second top is the photograph view. The top will be plain with lace godets. No one has done a project with this lace so we decided I should show case it. I may just have to get my denim leggings made to go with this top.
Both of these tops will be made again as I really like the patterns.
At home, I sewed on the muslin. The more I worked on the top the more I hated the fabric. It isn't what I like to work with ~ thin and the edges curled. I really think the fabric is too thin for the pattern.
The neckline is done and I think it is too low for me. After I try it on, I will decide on how much to add to the neckline but I really think it will be an inch.
I do love the back godet and the high-low hemline. I did get the sleeves in and hand basted the hems on the sleeves and the bottom. The pictures are yellow as I took pictures at night.
I threw a piece of crepe draped as a scarf around the neckline to see how it would look.
Not too bad.
The next version is to be in a dark purple. I will be making a cowl scarf to wear with it out of the left over fabric from Daughter's Christmas scarf. But that is on hold until my projects are made.

I am going shopping for new sheets for our bed. I will launder them if there is time as I work a 4 hour shift this afternoon. If there is time, I will stitch down the hems on the muslin so I can say it is done and ready to put on. I am wondering if I have a TNT pattern.
Until tomorrow..........................

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