Sunday, January 31, 2016

Company Came

Yesterday was cool with a high of 2.9C or 37F. The sun did shine which was a bonus. It started to snow after 3 a.m. and we have almost .5" of snow on the ground with a temperature at freezing.


We had friends over for a couple hours yesterday. We love visiting with them and haven't seen them for several months ~ end of August as we were waiting for the electrician to come in and check some wiring for us. We chatted about many things including grandchildren. They looked at the finished basement suite prior to the young couple getting the keys. 
It looks like we are hiring our friend to paint the inside of our house. The Spousal Unit will help him out where necessary; priming and helping to remove the valances to update the look of the house. The ceilings may even get scraped. We have chosen grey for the wall colours with the lighter grey in the closets. It won't get done in a week as we have told our friend to come and do it when he has time.
After they left, I went to the fabric store. I thought it may be quiet but when I got into the store it was super busy. I stood beside one of the cutters giving her the sale prices for the order she was cutting, then called out the price and discount for another order. I finally got my remnants and serger thread and headed out. No cut fabric when it is busy. We are taking time away from customers.
I didn't get any sewing or knitting done as I was weary. The brain isn't working as well as it should have been. So, I vegetated and rested up. In the evening, I even had a nap, woke up and started working on our grandson's photo memory album of Christmas at our house. I got about 30% done.


First thing this morning, the Spousal Unit has to give blood for his visit to the oncologist on Monday morning. It will be home and do a load of laundry and then to work from noon to 5 p.m. Another evening of resting to catch up from working three evening shifts. I should be ready to go after that or at least I hope so.
Until tomorrow.........................

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