Thursday, January 28, 2016

Another Reusable Shopping Bag

Yesterday was a warm day with the high getting to 6.7C or 44F. It didn't feel that warm has we had an east wind. The sun shone but it didn't help make us feel warmer. At 3 a.m. when I was up wandering about, it was 6C or 43F. No wonder I wasn't sleeping well. And it was the same temperature when we got up. Today it is suppose to get to 10C or 50F.


Hurrah!! The laundry is caught up, beds made, everything folded and put away. A huge feat considering how many hours I have worked this month and how far behind the laundry got.
Most of the floors got swept and mopped also. It was a busy morning in our house. By the time I was done, I was weary and happy to be caught up. Having our house fairly well organized is wonderful.


I didn't trace out my next pattern as I was tired and I didn't have 4 spools of navy serger thread. I then decided to work on the apron. The remnant I had chosen was too thin so that plan went out the window. Finally, I chose to use that fabric for another reusable grocery bag. Tutorial is here and here with these two modifications.
I cut the fabric 21.5" by the width of the fabric. Next time I will do it 22" The black cotton was cut the same so both the outer and lining fabric were the same size. I used a heavy fusible interfacing on the outer fabric and sewed it up. The lining had no interfacing fused to it. I worked on it slowly and steadily until it was done.
This is not a Christmas fabric though the design does look like snowflakes. It comes from one of the lines in the cotton section and was quite popular for black/white and grey quilts. I am hoping there is enough of the print left to make Zippered Pouch Susie.

Wardrobe Planning

When garment sewing, I am like a magpie when it comes to patterns and fabric. When looking I love each pattern or piece of fabric. More often than not, I buy the wrong pattern or fabric for my lifestyle. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out what type of clothes I needed and really did give up for a while as I had about 20 plans, none of which suited my lifestyle. After quite a break, I finally did up the column I wanted; casual. Next will be to get rid of the patterns I still have that don't fit my lifestyle. The fabric in the stash I am  using for muslins unless it won't work and then off it goes too.
I am still hoping to make slopers and to use Sure Fit Design's material to expand my patterns. I really don't want to depend on buying patterns.


I work an 8 hour shift. If it is slow, I plan on buying serger thread and a bit of fabric and lace to make the above bag. If it is really slow, I will get the fabric for the plaid shirt. Decision made as to which fabric I will buy. I hope it is still in the store.
Until tomorrow..........................

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  1. Well, my lifestyle is surely casual now that I am no longer working don't have to adhere to a office dress code. I love dresses but with my lifestyle and where I live I really don't wear dresses except for the summer months. Maybe I can