Saturday, January 16, 2016

Another Busy Working Day

Yesterday the temperature moved from slightly below freezing to slightly above freezing. Fog rolled in during the evening, rolled out during the night and it was snowing lightly when we got up this morning.


We headed out in the morning to get groceries and home to do a few things before I headed to work. Not relaxing by any stretch of the mind but a few things are done.
My shift was only 4 hours long and it wasn't until the end that I was able to put away a dozen bolts of fabric. It was another busy day of people buying fabric.
Daughter brought in her vest and scarf and we put it on a wall mounted mannequin for display. It is fun to showcase some of the items I make.
I got home and tried to relax. I had muscle cramps in one hand and they hurt. Couldn't do any knitting due to that. That really bothered me but when you can't you can't.
Thank you for the kind words about Jill. Last night we all missed her when the Spousal Unit came inside. Both Elliott and I went to greet her and she wasn't there. The Spousal Unit misses her by his side when outside.


We have the tenants coming in to sign paperwork and pay the damage deposit. I will do a bit of housework and head back to work for another 4 hours.
Until tomorrow..........................

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  1. I just love to read your blog.
    About your overworked hands, have you tried using Arnica Montana gel in combo with the pills of it you put under your tongue? That stuff has helped me a lot over the years.
    Congratulations on getting the basement unit rented. You worked so hard on that. Best wishes to you and the Spousal Unit.