Monday, January 11, 2016

Advent Calendar Near Completion

Yesterday the temperature remained steady all day. The actual variance between the high and low was 2C or 3F. We are suppose to see more of that type of temperature for the next few days.


I worked from noon to 5 p.m. and had to do two tables displays of bolts of lace, chiffon, and satin. It was fun to put together the colours in rainbow order. I am still learning how to set up the tables and should have worked on doing the back of the table first then the front. It is hard reaching in over and through other bolts of fabric. But I survived that mistake.


Heather, I do hope to sell these at a craft sale. I am sure they will sell better in an urban center than in a rural area. I will sell them separately with a deal if they buy the pair. I don't over charge for craft items as most of my fabric was purchased for 65 to 75% off. I price them according to difficulty to make. It has been something I have done for several years. Get my fabric dollars out of the project plus a small amount for making it.
I got the advent calendar ready for binding yesterday morning. I am not sure if I will use the red I have on hand as it doesn't seem to work for me.
The red I have is darker than the red in the small border which is throwing my eye off. I may end up choosing green.
My next project is to muslin a top for myself. It is ready to go. I have white thread on the machine and serger.
I also want to make a project for the store. As everyone is looking at pillows, table runners, etc. for Valentines Day, I am looking at a garment if possible.
McCalls 6992
We have white stretch lace in the store so I am thinking a red knit for the top. I will do a mock up of it in another colour so I will have two different tops using the lace.


I am home for the first of three days in a row. I want to clean more of the house and get a box started for the thrift shop. I hope to cut out a top for myself. It is a muslin out of a nice knit I got for $2.00/meter.
Until tomorrow.................

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  1. These details you put in the advent calendar is just amazing – I can’t imagine myself having this much patience to put together something as detailed as this one. Good job!