Sunday, January 17, 2016

Advent Calendar Done

Yesterday the light snow turned into heavy snow and we had about 3" of wet snow fall. The temperature remained near freezing with a high of 1.2C or 34F. The temperature this morning is at the freezing mark.


The young couple came in and gave us the damage deposit on the basement suite. They had looked at another place they had wanted and the landlord said yes, gave them a date to bring the damage deposit, and rented it out from under them an hour later. Now they are looking forward to living downstairs in a bigger and cleaner place.
I got a call to stay home from work due to the road conditions as a co-worker was in an accident coming into work in the morning. I quite happily stayed at home even though the roads were in excellent shape. A full day to rest. 
 In the end, laundry was done, house tidied up, a bit of shopping done, and some sewing done.


I had some time in the sewing room yesterday. I made the binding for the Advent wall hanging and sewed it on. I spent the evening hand sewing the binding down.
I have to hand sew the fabric down on the back where a small dowel goes for hanging.
I also got pictures of the Christmas fabric I bought. I am not sure what I will be making out of it but it will be something.
That is the end of the Christmas fabric purchases for me for this year. Now it is time to sew the box and two bags of stashed Christmas fabric up.
I hope to get the muslin knit top done this week and then I want to sew the following items for fun and display at the store. 
McCalls 6992
This will be done in red with a white or off white lace overlay.
McCalls 7169
To be done in a satin with a lace overlay and lined with bemburg lining. Not sure of the colour yet or the fabric.
McCalls 6044
For the Spousal Unit. Not sure of the fabric yet but I will have to lengthen the body and make the cuffs larger.
All three will be displayed in the store. Thank goodness for days off.


I work a 5 hour shift and want to get a few things done in the house before I go. I want to be ready for two days off so I can sew.
Until tomorrow......................

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  1. I think the colour you chose for your binding is perfect! I love the dress pattern you are thinking of using. It would definitely be comfortable and looks quite easy to sew. Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Xmas fabric.