Saturday, January 30, 2016

A Susie Pouch Failure

Yesterday was cooler by 10C. We hit a high of 3C or 37F. It rained at our level and snowed up higher. Truly a different day than on Thursday.


I headed out early to get new running shoes and proper insoles. I also went out later to get groceries for company coming today. We also had Daughter's dogs for several hours while they went skiing. They are not hard to look after.
They slept on the couch and on our bed. When the Spousal Unit goes out, they also go out with him.
I worked from 5 to 9 p.m. Our job last night was to start getting pillow covers out and hung on the wall. There is several hundred of them. We got two boxes done ~ about 50 to 75 hung. The rest of the time was spent cutting fabric. Three of us who have worked pretty steady left really tired last night ~ sore feet and bodies.


I started on the Susie Pouch and was loving the black and print combination. I was part way through when I realized I had put the interfacing on the outside fabric and not the lining. I quietly picked up all the material and put it into the garbage can. Such is life when you get tired and don't watch the instructional video before you start the project.
I went through the box of Christmas fabric, most of which are bagged as kits. I found another Advent calendar and worked on it.
The borders are put on and it is ready to be sandwiched, quilted, and the binding put on. I also have the decorations to fuse onto felt and cut out. I will put Velcro dots on for hanging them on the wall hanging.
The binding fabric which will be cut on the lines.

I found a remnant for the backing fabric. There were actually 4 neutral pieces of which I have claimed. There is enough to make a small pocket in the back for the ornaments in one piece. A good deal.


I am off work and we have friends coming by to visit for a couple of hours. I will then head out and buy the fabric I need for the Susie pouch and the wall hanging so I can work on them. If there is enough time, I will start tracing the top for my next project.

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