Tuesday, January 05, 2016

A Sewing Afternoon

It snowed more yesterday than we had thought. The Spousal Unit said 1" but it was more like 5". The high did get a bit warmer at -6C or 21F.


We had to head out to the Oncologist at the hospital early yesterday morning. When we got there the parkade was full so I dropped off the Spousal Unit and did another two loops before parking on a side street. That meant a uphill walk to the hospital and then up the stairs (or as one man said "climbing a mountain"). I got to the cancer ward to find the Spousal Unit was finished his appointment and waiting for me. You could hear me gnashing my teeth a mile away.
The appointment did go well. His lymph count is less than one with the average being three. This means he gets chemo tomorrow and on Feb. 2 and then he is done until his counts go out of whack again. That could be years from now. A very happy man went shopping with me.


I spent the afternoon sewing and loved every minute of it. I cut out another plaid and lace scarf and sewed it up. I am happy with how it looks.
 The plaid is green and black and the lace is white. I made it for a friend.
The second item I made was a child's apron using our grandson's apron from France as a pattern. The fabric cost me $2.50 for one meter and I can get two aprons out of it. I traced a pattern and will show case the apron next week. Here is a peek at it though.
I spent quite a bit of time making sure the dark pink wide stripe was centered on the apron. It is fairly easy to make though I did a lot of machine basting and pressing to get nice looking edges. The ribbon is twill tape which I knotted at the ends. I am thinking about a pocket. Grandson has a half circle pocket on his apron. I am not sure if I will do a pocket on these aprons though I have plenty of fabric.


I picked up the scarf and knit 24 rows on it last night. I have to keep at it as I want to finish it and an afghan for a friend before the end of February. I wouldn't have touched the afghan but the friend's mom passed in early December. It is something for her to remember her mom by.


I am working a split shift. I work 4 hours, have 2 off and work 4 more. There is a staff meeting and clean up for 2 hours in the second shift. The Spousal Unit goes for chemo and will be taking a taxi home. Nothing exciting will be done in the sewing room today.
Until tomorrow.................


  1. I really like this second scarf. The one I made my friend was very well liked. I hope to make more in the coming months, and am thinking any two fabrics in similar colours, with a variety of trims would work nicely for these scarves.

  2. Good news for you and Dave! Good way to start off the New a Year! I do like that scarf.

  3. Good news that the Spousal unit was chipper and enjoyed the shopping. Every bit of cheer doth help.
    Loved your lace and fabric scarves, and I'll join you in knitting. My shoulders on the mend at last, and knitting's on the good list. Going to do a hat.