Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Day Off and I Worked

We had sunshine yesterday!! The temperature went from -2C or 28F to 2.3C or 36F. It is 2C or 35F this morning at 7 a.m. We are now to see warmer temperatures for a few days.


I went to the fabric store to buy fabric and got to work for 4 hours. Not bad. I didn't get any fabric bought though. The store was busy and we got caught up a bit on Sunday's mess. But, I am sure Monday's mess is there today.
My job yesterday was to work on the floor ~ put away fabrics from behind tables and to tidy fabric displays. It ended up I was doing more cutting than putting away. When I left, there was one person left cutting and others had to go out and help cut it was that busy.
The co-worker who was in an accident on Saturday was at work for 4 hours. She touched her brakes and the icy roads put her off the road. There were 2 rescue trucks and an ambulance called out (I am assuming the police were there also and left to other accidents). The ambulance attendants checked her out and left. The two rescue trucks remained and by the time the tow truck started the journey to her house, both of the rescue trucks had been run into by other vehicles. The roads were slick and had not been salted by the contractor who looks after them.


I did work on the muslin for a bit yesterday. I got the godet put in neatly and am pleased with the results. The knit rolls a bit which annoys me. I know it is cheap fabric which helps me out. I know that serging helps it lie flat which didn't happen on the back. That sucks but it is what it is. I have to say that I like the way the godet drapes in the back. Wearing it with leggings is going to be great for work. On a secondary note, I think I have enough fabric left over from Daughter's scarf to make a cowl scarf to wear with the dark purple fabric I got for this top.


I am heading back out to the store to get some fabric. I am not sure if I will do a funky shirt for the Spousal Unit or do a nice plaid one in a bit warmer fabric. I will look at my choices. The dress is going on hold for a week. I know I have to get the fabric for the top. I need to get home and finish up yesterday's chores. 
Until tomorrow....................  

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