Sunday, January 10, 2016

A Day At Home

Yesterday the warm temperature hovered just below the freezing mark but our coldest temperature of the day was at 7 p.m. when it got to -7C or 19.6F. It seems as if the forecast is for a bit warmer weather which means slightly above freezing.


As I was off work yesterday, I was able to spend the whole day cleaning house, doing laundry, and sewing. I got just about 3/4 of the house cleaned up, the last few things put away from Christmas and some floors mopped. The laundry is not quite caught up ~ 2 or three more loads and it will be done.
We showed the suite yesterday and the lady really liked it. She had 3 more suites to look at and will let us know one way or the other.
Our dog, Jill, has really slowed down the past week. She seems to be getting weaker in her back end. We aren't sure what is causing her to take a couple of hours to get up in the morning. She seems to get better as the day progresses but we still see the weakness in her back end. She sees the vet on Wednesday. At nearly or just over 16 years old, she is old for a working border collie.


I spent just over three hours in the sewing room yesterday. I finished up the gift bag and now need to finish up the tutorial on it.

The two bags look great together.
While cleaning up the Christmas Lego, I needed a tub to store it in. I grabbed one from the sewing room and hauled out the contents. It is an advent calendar and I decided to start working on it next. I enjoyed doing the first one and this one was easy to do.
I am ready to add the borders to the main piece. I will stitch through the front, batting, and backing to keep it securely in place. The previous one I made had red binding and I am not sure if I will do red or the print.
Next on the list is a muslin of a top for me. The fabric is washed, dried and ready to use.


I work from noon to 5 p.m. I may be able to sew for an hour if I am lucky. I want to knit on the scarf tonight. It didn't happen last night as I was tired from a rough night's sleep the night before.
Until tomorrow......................


  1. Have you tried to sell these bags at bazaars? Do you think they would sell well? They really do look nice. And very practical too.

  2. Your Advent calendar quilt looks beautiful. I hope you will share more pictures as you work on it.

  3. This post reminded me I have A LOT of backlog when it comes to cleaning my sewing room. I have lots of scrap fabric hanging around everywhere – it looks like a bombsite when I enter!