Sunday, January 03, 2016

A Busy Day At Work

We are still experiencing cool temperatures but it seems as if today is the last day of it being around -10C or 14F. I will miss driving in the cold weather as the roads are in great shape -- bare and solid for good driving.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday. The second day of the 50% off everything in the store sale. It was busy for 6 of those hours. Slow start, then hell broke loose, and finally quiet for the last hour. We dug out from the bolts behind the tables and got a lot of fabric put away. We all staggered out of the store at the end of our shift exhausted as we were short staffed. But we did a lot of laughing to keep sane which was good for us.


We had a great discussion on our sewing stashes and where we keep them. Any where from the garage for an extensive stash to a small closet for a tiny stash. I have what is called a medium sized stash as I have it in an 8 foot closet.
We also talked about ready to wear vs making our own and one lady said she can buy her pants alright but needs to make her tops. I am not so lucky. Pants don't fit we well unless they are jeans and tops are always short as I have a long waist. So I need to sew both tops and bottoms.
I have decided that I want to:
  • Have a nice selection of t-shirts that I can wear to work, at home, and out and about. I have a lot of t-shirt material on hand to use up. Many meters of it to be exact.
  • Make some tops that are dressier. I am looking at ones that are longer to wear with leggings or slim pants. Both knit and light weight fabric. Three quarter length sleeves.
  • Leggings or slim pants. In ponti and stretch knits. Heavy and light weight. Black, grey, denim, and other colours if necessary.
Right now I am thinking one pants and three top patterns. Keep it simple. I did have a plan but it disappeared when I cleaned up. Going to make a new one to follow.


We have to go to the hospital for the Spousal Unit to give blood as he is starting his third round of chemo on Tuesday. Home to clean up a bit and off to work at noon.
Until tomorrow.........................

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  1. Best wishes for tomorrow and the weather, n' all.
    I have to make,or at least remake, my clothing, and truly love doing it. My stash is medium to large sized, as it has lots of cottons for quilting in it, too.