Tuesday, December 08, 2015

We Were Surprised

Yesterday was warm with a high of 9.5C or 49F. This morning it is 5C or 41F. The forecast is for rain showers as storms have been going through BC the past few days.


The Spousal Unit’s abscess is almost healed. He continues going to see the nurses to have it checked and the dressing changed every couple of days.

We saw the oncologist yesterday morning and the results of the first dose of chemo was amazing. At the worst, the Spousal Unit lost 5 pounds but he has gained a good 3 of those back. His lymph count has gone from almost 130 on Nov. 8 to 59 on Nov. 12 to 5 on Dec 6. That is nearly normal. We were surprised including the doctor.

Back home, I unpacked two more boxes before I headed out to work. The sewing room is coming along but in the midst of all the packing and unpacking I have misplaced the fabric and serger thread for one Christmas gift. It is all together and but not where I thought it was.

Work was busy though we did get the cutting table areas cleaned up. I also did some spot cleaning at the back of the store though I didn’t have a lot of time.


Though I was tired last night, I turned on the TV, semi ignored it, and knit the 11 rows for one pattern set before bedtime. I was pleased that I got that done as I really wanted to ignore my knitting last night.

Today, the Spousal Unit has his chemo treatment. I will sit with him for a couple of hours, do some shopping, and pick him up mid afternoon. I may even come home and move more sewing stuff upstairs.

Until tomorrow………………………………..

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