Monday, December 21, 2015

Vest Is Done

Yesterday we had sunshine and warm weather. The high got to 5C or 41F. The snow is melting quickly so we may not have a white Christmas. The snow flurries forecasted need to be more than a dusting as we got warmer temperatures than forecasted.


The Spousal Unit decided that we were eating out for breakfast. When we got to the store, he said we would shop first, then eat. I was getting low on glucose when we finally got to eat. We did go and get a few other things from another store and headed home. We were home at 10:30 a.m. Yes!! No fighting crowds.
We got the Christmas tree in the house after lunch. It had to warm up before we can erect it today.


I got to spend 4 hours in the sewing room The first part wasn't happy though. When I turned on my machine, the touch screen was black. I could straight sew at 2.5 stitches. Something is wrong so I put it away and hauled out the Diamond. It sewed up a storm for me today.
I worked on the vest (McCalls 7254) and had fun making it. After stabilizing the shoulder seams with stay tape, I sewed the shoulders together. I didn't serge them as I, some how thought they would be covered up. Not so. I serged the side seams and sewed them together.
Though they were to be done last, I hemmed the arm holes. I turned them under twice for a nice clean edge.
Once that was done, I interfaced the front shawl pieces of the vest. I then sewed them together at the center back and at the side seams to the back part of the vest. That was one huge circle. I repeated that again without putting interfacing. Those huge circles were sewn together at the outside edge and the seam allowances were trimmed. Once turned right side out, the edges were pressed to create a nicely curved edge. The inside of the circle was then pinned to the vest. I used lots of pins to get it on nicely and sewed around it. I serged the edges for a nice finish.
Once done, I headed out to get the toggle closure for the front. I had to sew it on twice as the first time it was crooked.
This pattern is a winner and I am thinking of making it in sweater fleece if there is a colour I like. At this time, I am thankful I have another Christmas present completed.


I got 24 rows done on the scarf and it measures 61". Only 21" left to knit. That is 17 patterns left to knit. I may get it done in early January.


I have some housework to do, the tree to help put up and decorate and some sewing to be done. Easy sewing with a huge piece of fabric.
Until tomorrow................................

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  1. What a lovely job you've done on the vest.