Saturday, December 19, 2015

Vest Is Cut Out.

Our day of snow was wonderful. By late afternoon, most of the roads were in decent condition. In the morning, they were icy due to the wind blowing in from the east. Our high got to 3C or 37F. We had between 3 and 4" of snow on the ground and more is forecasted. It just might be a white Christmas.


I headed downstairs and finished cleaning the suite. It took about an hour to empty it out and do the floors. At noon, the lady came to look at it and they will let us know by Monday if they will take it. They have one more suite to look at in the downtown area. Since then, we have had 3 more people inquire about the suite.
After cleaning the suite, I headed out to shop. I made my list, organized my route and got it all done and home by noon. I am pretty impressed with myself.
The afternoon was messed up. We are having issues with our income tax ~ the refund hasn't arrived as the accountants didn't file it on time and then put on the wrong address. Yesterday, it seemed as if their mistake is our fault and we have to straighten it out. The company will get one more year and then we will see if we will remain with them. The fellow who collects our information is awesome. We do like him a lot. It's the BC head office that is the problem and we spent quite a bit of time on the phone with them about our issue.


I have been in a bit of a panic about the dongle for my embroidery program. It allows you to access the program and it contains information to make it run. I know I had put it away carefully when we moved. I know I handled it after we moved into the house. But for the love of Elliott, I couldn't remember where it was. As I picked up the last tub in the suite, I knew it was in there. I am pretty excited to have it back in my hands. It will be put away carefully into the thread drawer of the sewing cabinet.
I had enough time to cut out all the pieces for the vest. There is some fabric left to make doll clothes. Probably jackets of some sort or maybe a vest. I have to cut out light weight interfacing next and I will be ready to sew the vest together. I am thinking one afternoon may have it done unless I decide to do a lot of hand sewing.

This is the pattern I am making.


Yesterday the Spousal Unit saw a lady wearing a scarf that looked similar to the one I am knitting. Similar means colour and length. He made a couple of nice comments on the scarf.
I didn't knit last night as I had to wrap Christmas presents. They will be picked up today.


I work a full 8 hour shift. Tonight I must knit on the scarf and do 24 rows.

Until tomorrow.....................

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