Thursday, December 17, 2015

Sewing Room Unpacked

Yesterday was sunny and cool. The high got to 1.7C or 35F. Cool is okay when the sun is shining. Today it is suppose to snow for most of the day.


Yesterday there was a lot of chatter on social media about an earthquake in our area. The magnitude was 3.6 and it occurred at 1:48 a.m. of which we slept through. Some people were awaken to the noise and shaking. Ashcroft folk really heard it at it was about 12 miles from the village.
As I was off work yesterday, we decided to unpack like crazy people. The bedroom which had all my sewing stuff in it is now empty and clean. The living room is almost empty. We hung some pictures, sorted out some items, and have three containers ready for the shed. We were tired mid afternoon and it showed. We shut it down for the day.
During the midst of cleaning, we lost Elliott. We called him and no response. We knew he was in the house but didn't know his location. An hour later we found him snuggled in the quilt stored in the linen closet.
He spent most of the day in there sleeping.


The sewing room has all of its stuff in it. Let me say it is full and I will not be adding to it in the near future unless it is a project for the store. Let's start with the closet.
It is full to say the least. My goal is to empty out a lot of the boxes and then buy only what I want to sew. I need to see empty space in that closet.
The sewing cabinet has to house the sewing machine and serger. Not ideal but it works.
Looking in the door you can see how cramped it is to my other sewing room. But it is working out. I can walk around easily in the room. The sewing machine suitcase is to go and the pile of fabric by the window is Christmas sewing.
I did finish tracing the vest pattern and have started to pin it onto the fabric. The front piece will be moved, the remaining pieces cut out and then two of the pieces pinned back on along with the front piece. The curved piece and the bottom piece pinned on the fold are cut out twice as are a part of the shawl.
Ruthie, I have the New Look pattern you use for t-shirts and plan on using it as I like the neckline and 3/4 length sleeves. I have a Jalie pattern for t-shirts also.
Lynda, I am going to order the Pamela t-shirt and the DVD and use them also. I think I am going to get a TNT using the above patterns. I may buy a Craftsy course Patternmaking for Knits and call it my Christmas present.


I did knit the 12 rows with one issue at the beginning. I was done in good time. The scarf is growing quite quickly but isn't long enough yet. I have to keep working on it every day including during the holidays.


I am working a full shift today. I am hoping the Spousal Unit will bring up all the pictures from the basement. That will leave about 15 minutes worth of work and then the rest of the suite can be cleaned.

Until tomorrow.................................


  1. If only my sewing room looked as well organized as yours!

  2. Elliot looks so cute

  3. It's a great pattern. I have altered it for a better fit.