Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Sewing Ideas

Yesterday, I looked out the window of the store and it was snowing. Big fluffy flakes of snow. The roads were wet on the way home but the snow remains on the lawns. The high yesterday got to 0C or 32F. It is the same temperature this morning.


Yesterday was work and I got to restock bias binding. There were 2 large boxes of it. Both boxes have been gone through and overstock is being dealt with. I will probably return to the job tomorrow. It was interesting to do.
The Spousal Unit slept a lot yesterday. He is fighting a cold and his body demands he sleep. Some of it is boredom as he can't do a lot. He does think of things to do but most needs me to help him or him help me. We both know one thing ~ we have to get the basement cleaned up and two boxes of stuff taken to the thrift shop.


I took a look in the sewing room and realize that I almost done setting up the room. It is fuller than expected so some serious sewing is going to have to happen. As boxes empty, I will take them out of the room and break them down. I know I can't have that much fabric in the stash. It is driving me nuts.
In January, I am going to focus on t-shirts. I need to get a TNT pattern that:
  1. Fits me well
  2. Has 2 or 3 neck styles
  3. Has short and three quarter length sleeves.
I have lots of t-shirt fabric to use up so I think this is a good place to start. I will be using a combination of patterns plus a t-shirt I have on hand that fits me well.


After taking out two rows from the night before knitting due to missing a yarn over, I got the 12 row pattern knit before bed time. I am still ahead by 2 patterns which is great. I still have 9 days to knit so I will be fairly close to being done by Christmas Eve.

Today, I am off work so the goal is to finish cleaning up the suite and start cleaning upstairs so we can bring in the Christmas decorations and tree.


  1. Tee shirt sewing is so much fun. My favourite patterns are Jalie of NewLook

  2. Ann, have you tried the Pamela's Perfect Tee Shirt? It's been my TNT forever, and I told a friend about it. She bought the tee and the DVD and used the very detailed DVD to perfect the fit for her body. It's a winner for both of us. I use it for everything! Haven't found any tees I like better.