Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sewing Ideas Are Floating In My Head

Yesterday was a frosty and cool. The fog was gone early but the rain arrived and it was raining hard when I came home from work. The high was 3C or 37F. We had .2” of rain which isn’t a lot considering how hard it rained. The hills around us look like they got fresh snow on them.


Yesterday was a work day for me. The Spousal Unit was dealing with aches and pains in his ankles and he slept during the day to see if they would disappear. We think it is from the chemo treatment as he is feeling pain free this morning. We hope this is it for this month.


I have been taking part in Christmas Hunt 2015 (machine embroidery) since it started. I have found them all to date though one was really hard to find. I have also downloaded the free snowflakes at Embroidery Library. I am thinking of doing some embroidery on the Christmas crafts next year to use up the boat load of embroidery thread I have in my stash. I will make each of the crafts without the embroidery so you can see how they look using a print vs plain fabric.

I did ask Daughter-in-Law to bring Grandson's apron over so I can make a pattern out of it for a project. It is a simple apron which is unique in its design. Ideas are floating in my head about the fabric that can be used for this project.


I continue to knit nightly on the scarf. The pattern last night started off not working out correctly as I was short a stitch. Forgot a yarn over so had to unknit two rows to fix it. But the 12 rows are done.

I have about 25" left to go so will be knitting one pattern a night most nights and on days off, I will have to do 2 patterns.

Today, I work. Before work, I want to tidy up the sewing room in preparation for the next haul upstairs. I need to get the suite cleaned out of all our belongings on days off.

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  1. You mentioning machine embroidery reminds me that I haven't used my machine in such a long time. We have snow here today. Just got back from grocery shopping and it seems to be worse in that area of the city than in ours.