Saturday, December 05, 2015

Quilting Cottons for Christmas Projects

The sun shone yesterday and it was a glorious day. The high got to 8.5C or 47F. It was so nice to have the lovely weather again and we did appreciate it.

Life Style

I spent most of the morning on the phone with Telus support trying to fix our Internet and DSL problem. While on hold, I folded laundry and got a few other things done. In the end, the problem could not be done so a tech person had to come over in the afternoon. He was a great and changed one cable and we had Internet and TV. We enjoyed talking with him and several good laughs.

I set up the guest room as I use it to lay out the Christmas presents. I to keep it simple as it is small. It has a bed and two bedside tables in it. When company isn’t here, I will roll in our antique server as it houses all our office supplies and the printer and scanner sit on the top. It can be rolled into the living room when we have company stay over night. A few pictures will be hung to make it homey.

Sewing Room

I did work in the sewing room and got some items up before lunch.


The top shelf has craft materials and Christmas fabric on it. The second shelf will have boxes of garment fabric on it, and the third will have books and tubs of craft fabrics on it. The fourth shelf, not seen, will be decided upon when I get the others filled. And the floor will get the big items on it.

In the afternoon, I added more items and have about 1/3 of the stuff upstairs now. Most is boxes and tubs of fabric.


I headed out to pick up some fabric for Christmas projects. I got some at Fabricland and some at the local quilting shop a five minute drive away. I got what I wanted and am thrilled with it. I may go back to both stores and get more next pay day.


I want to do a tree skirt and some runners for Christmas out of these fabrics. They fit in with the look and colour scheme we are going for. I’ll try photographing the fabrics again when the sun is shining in that room as they yellow from the overhead light.

The red is an orphan but I will use it somewhere. It only cost me $2.50 for the meter.


And the plaid is for a scarf. I will tutorial it as I plan on making it very soon. The store wants to display it.


And I couldn’t resist the blue with polar bears. I will probably use it for the Twelve Months of Christmas. Maybe January’s project.


Today, we have to go to the nurse’s clinic so the Spousal Unit can get his dressing changed and then home to show the suite. I do want to sew this afternoon. That means getting up some items including my sewing machine.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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  1. Your sewing room looks so well organized! Mine is a mess right now as I have been sewing almost every spare minute. Didn't do any Christmas sewing as my sons birthday is dec 29 so right now I am making him a motorcycle themed shirt. He bought a bike this summer and has spent many hours riding on his time off from work. He has PTSD and this seems to help. We are putting up some Christmas decorations today. We just do a small tree as there aren't any small children in our house now. Grandson is 22 so all grown up. Enjoy your sewing today.