Tuesday, December 22, 2015

More But Simpler Sewing

Yesterday it was cool and cloudy. The high got to freezing ~ 0C or 32F. We have had cooler mornings at -4C to -5C or 25 to 22F. There is also a skiff of snow on the ground this morning.


It was a busy day yesterday. The day started off with cleaning rooms and mopping the floors. Laundry was done, dried but not folded due to being overly busy.
In mid afternoon, we tackled the Christmas tree. The Spousal Unit put it up, put on the lights, tinsel, and garland. I did the ornaments and other decorations. It takes us several hours to complete the job.
Though we have a lot of western ornaments, the tree also has a lot of red cardinal ornaments in it. For many years (35?) we have had these two characters in our tree.
Our tree wouldn't be complete without them and this year the Spousal Unit put them into their place of honour.
We also put up the nativity scene. The pieces are not expensive as some but I remember them as a small child. I think they are almost 60 years old. I love them as they help us remember the true meaning of Christmas.
My mother hand embroidered the place mat these sit on making it more special.


I had a good time sewing today. It wasn't hard sewing but easy except for cutting it out. I had bought 4 meters of the chenille zig zag fabric for $2.50/ meter. I got a pillow case and double sided blanket out of it. I also bought a piece white waffle chenille for 6.00. For $16.00, I have blankets for our grandson's air bed. I will add a quilt and a piece of fleece to it so he will be really warm.
The lump in the bed is Elliott. He was having his daytime sleep under our blanket. We call him the Lump when he does that.
After supper, I cut out the fronts for three pillows and finished one. They will all have zippers in the back.
The fabric is an expensive chenille of which I found a remnant under a cutting table. The fabric feels soft and luxurious.


I knit 12 rows on the scarf and promptly fell asleep on the couch. I somehow ran out of steam and couldn't keep my eyes open for a minute longer.


I have some shopping to do, the kitchen and dining room to clean, and laundry to fold. I also need to wrap more Christmas presents. It is going to be another busy day.
Until tomorrow.........................


  1. Tree is looking good. I collect Cardinal ornaments and they are out at Christmas. You have been busy sewing. I do like the vest that you made. Elliott know where to find good places to sleep. Our cats used to do the same thing. Cold here this morning....-19 but the sun is shining so all is ok.

  2. Your nativity is lovely.