Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas Eve

Yesterday it snowed and it is giving us a white Christmas. We had almost an inch of snow. It is going to turn cooler so the snow is probably done for now.


I worked a full shift yesterday and cleaned up the quilting cottons. There are two new collections in. One is a paisley and the denim coloured one looks beautiful. I just may ..........
The Christmas presents are wrapped and a few are around the tree. Both Elliott and Jill have been snooping around for their gifts.


The Spousal Unit told me to get my stocking stuffer at the store yesterday. My eyes rolled as I have so many notions. I was confused about what to get. One of the girls showed us a beautiful dark purple knit from the bargain center. On sale to everyone for $2.50/meter. I got 3 meters and a pattern. Decision made and I am happy. I can't reveal it until after Christmas.


No knitting done last night. Wrapping Christmas presents took most of the evening. I will knit tonight.


We have some housework to do and then meet the plane at 12:58. After that we will get groceries and get ready for Christmas Eve. Let the fun begin.

I am not sure if I will get a lot blogged over the next week though I will have a couple that will be set to show up during the week.
Until the next time.............................

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  1. I wish you and your family a very merry Christmas and all the best of everything in the new year. Hugs and scratches to Elliott and Jill. We had our Christmas on Sunday with son and grandson. We went to brunch at chateau Louis on Kingsway. Did the gifts afterwards. Son may be working tomorrow. I have been posting my sewing pics on Instagram .....dcwicks.....if you care to look. Have a great day with your family.