Sunday, December 27, 2015

It Snowed and Then it Snowed Some More

It snowed, and then it snowed some more. We had between 4" and 6" of snow fall yesterday. With the wind blowing, visibility was terrible. The coldest temperature in the morning was -15C or 5F and the highest was -4.4C or 24F. There is a light snow falling this morning. It is suppose to stop some time today.


I worked a 7 hour shift yesterday. Normally Boxing Day is slow but it was steady most of the day. The store was left clean at the end of the day and we kept busy.
At home, the house was tidied up, wooden boxes built, and two people took a walk. It was lovely coming home to hot leftovers and smiling faces.
The drive home wasn't pretty. I had taken the truck to work and it was a bit nerve wracking to drive a standard truck in the snow. The visibility was horrible when vehicles when zipping ahead of you or the wind was blowing snow across the road. There was only one vehicle in the ditch. The reports say 4 lane roads are down to 2 and 2 lane roads are down to 1. The crews will be busy clearing roads today.


I went in hoping to buy more of the purple knit fabric. I didn't see it and it was thought that we, the staff, bought it all. As I was putting away fabric, I found it and bought the last of it. I will be making Daughter-in-Law a top also.
I did refrain from buying Christmas quilting cotton (65% off) though I cleaned up the displays constantly all day. It was tempting but I succeeded. Why and how? A lady from the Yukon showed up and bought lots of it. She needed help picking out some of the fabrics and we admired each combination with her. She is set up for the next year. And we had our fix.


I got some knitting done last night. I spent as much time unknitting as I did knitting. The yarn overs were my undoing.


I am off work and will be out for a bit. It is a non planned day ending with pizza and a movie.
Until the next time..................

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