Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Christmas Is Coming To Our House

The weather is warming up. Yesterday and this morning have been at -7C or 19F. The high temperature got to -3.7 or 26F. That was about 3C warmer than on Saturday. I don`t mind the cold temperatures but this cold spell has been somewhat damp. It is that dampness that gets to me.


Yesterday I was home until 4 p.m. I did some grocery shopping and cleaned the kitchen up. I was able to put things away and clean up the dust from sanding the floors. I even redid the pantry and one of the cupboards. I now have the cookbooks on the bottom shelf (rather than the top shelf) where I can get my hands on them easily. The Spousal Unit watched me as he was tired and sore from over doing it on Sunday.

I went out for a bit in the afternoon to get a few Christmas items and I cleaned and decorated the fireplace. It isn`t done yet but I have a good start.


The small socks are for Jill (dog) and Elliott (cat).


When I get the Christmas decorations in later this week, I will put more decorations on the mantle. I am hoping I have a couple of cardinal knick knacks and some flameless candles to put up. I want to get a couple of plants to put on each end when I shop later this week.

I cleaned for four hours at the store last night. I did the Bargain Bin area which is a whole wall of deeply discounted fabrics. I lifted, moved and pushed over a hundred bolts of fabrics as they are adding more fabric to that area. I left tired from the hard work out I had but, I got paid for doing my exercises.


The Spousal Unit has been putting up the shelves in the sewing room closet. Once I get the furniture in their proper places, I will start loading the shelves. I am looking forward to doing that. I want to see what I have when I go to sew.

Today I work an 8 hour shift. It seems to be slow after the Black Friday weekend sale. That allows us to get some of the back log caught up and to move at a slower pace.

Until tomorrow………………………..

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