Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Chemo 2 Done

Good morning

Yesterday was a very warm day. It got to 9.5C or 49F. It is clearing off this morning but there are snow warnings out for the higher elevations. We may see snow in our neck of the woods in the next couple of days.


Yesterday was chemo day. The Spousal Unit arrived in good time and was in his chair when I went in after parking the car. Other than having to get the vein finder to locate the vein for the IV, all went well.


He was in great spirits and he left an hour earlier than we had anticipated. Next treatment is Jan. 4. It may or may not be his last one. The blood tests on Jan. 2 will tell the story.

I left the Spousal Unit and went to get his one prescription refilled and food for dinner. I also got Grandson books as Christmas is not Christmas without getting books. Traffic was heavy and I did what I needed to do, headed home to put the food in the fridge and back to the hospital. I got the last parking spot in the parkade much to the person behind me’s disgust.


I found the fabric for the scarf. It was where I thought it was but pushed back in the drawer. I have it out and the first lot of pinning done. As it is a crepe, I need to pin a lot. It isn’t a light crepe so it isn’t slithering all over. I have to do another lot of pinning before cutting it. I have to say that I am happy I found it and can get this project done.


I knit 12 rows (one pattern set) at the hospital and another set in the evening. I am one pattern set ahead now. Maybe I can get further ahead if I take the time and knit twice a day on my days off.

Today, we have to pick up the prescription, clean some in the suite as it gets shown at noon. I want to haul up containers for an hour and set up my serger to start on the scarf. And, of course, I need to knit. I hope I can meet this goal today.

Until tomorrow…………………….

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