Friday, December 04, 2015

An Idea Is Brewing

This is a combination of Wednesday and Thursday as we had no Internet for 24 hours.

Yesterday was a lovely day that had us with temperatures well above freezing. It got to 7.7C or 46F. Though it was cloudy, the sun did try to shine through the clouds when it could.


I had Wednesday off. After a quick trip to the clinic to get the dressing changed on the Spousal Unit`s leg, we headed home to work upstairs. While I cleaned the bathroom, the Spousal Unit hung two bedroom doors. I then washed the hall and front entrance floors and he put felt pads on the feet of the furniture. It was nice to get those two areas cleaned up.

Next on the to-do list was emptying the china barrels. All three of them. I rearranged cupboards and got everything put away before lunch. The kitchen floor was swept and washed and that area is now tidy.

In the sewing room, I got the cube in place and all the internet boxes put into their right shelf.


While waiting for it to power up, I unloaded two boxes and got a couple of other things done. I even made supper and the internet only worked on our iPads. No TV or computer. I left it alone and tried something else this morning. No TV but everything else has internet.

Yesterday, I worked a full shift and it was quieter. We got all the fabric put away and as the floater straightened up fabric, two of us cleaned up the revenants at two tables and then set about cleaning one of the tables. I got all the interfacing cleaned up and organized. 


I am hoping that I will have a lot of my stuff stored in the sewing room this Friday and Saturday. Then I can sew on my days off. I need to get the Christmas sewing done and out of the way. I am looking forward to sewing up those gifts.


One of the things I want to do this coming year is craft sewing. I am looking at using up a lot of the Christmas fabric I have and can only buy what I absolutely need for our home. My goal is to post on the 15th of each month the following:

  • tutorial for the item
  • links where you can find the original idea and, possibly, other similar items that can be made
  • link where you can buy the pattern if necessary
  • pictures of what I made

I want to have a header at the top of the home page that is only for Christmas crafts. It will include the above except for the pictures. Ideas floating in my head are for gift bags, reusable shopping bags, table runners, place mats, and some kiddie ideas. Anything that could be gifts or for craft sales.


The second lamp is up and plugged in and the living room is brighter. I knit a full 11 rows on the scarf and hope to knit on it most evenings. I do hope to have it done by Christmas.

Today, I am off work. I want to work in the sewing room, resolve the issue with the internet, and get a few pieces of fabric for a couple of January projects. I have birthday money that has been sitting around for 9 months.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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