Saturday, December 26, 2015

A Wonderful Christmas Day

Happy Boxing Day and we hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas.
The weather has been a bit cooler than normal. Yesterday it was -14.5C or 6F. The sun shone all day and the warm got to -3.3C or 26F. This morning, it is -13C or 9F. It will get cooler as the sun rises. The weather forecast is for snow flurries.


We had a fabulous Christmas Day. Our grandson started the morning out finishing up Santa's Workshop.

 Stockings were enjoyed by all. Elliott and Jill got theirs also.

 After a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, gifts were open. The gift from Santa was first.

 He got an electronics gift so he can make things just like his dad does.
Naps were the order of the afternoon and I got dinner ready while everyone had down time. We had a wonderful dinner and Daughter joined us. We laughed while we ate our meal. After dinner, grandson and Elliott had a bit of time together.


Though I didn't sew yesterday, I am sharing what I got in my stocking.
Thanks to Carolyn at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic for making this top. I would never have thought about sewing it. The fabric I chose is a nice knit that has lots of drape. I will be making the red version without the pockets and cowl collar. Instead, I will make it separate cowl and wear it when I need to. I plan on wearing the top with jeans and slim fitting pants. If I like it, I see it being made in a sweater knit.


I got 12 rows knit on the scarf. There is a lot of yarn left to knit so know this will be my January project.


I work for 7 hours and hope that it is somewhat busy in the store. I also hope that I can work on elastics today when there is time. Daughter and Son-in-Law may be back today for another visit.
Until tomorrow........................

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