Thursday, December 10, 2015

A Surprise

Yesterday was warm and windy. The high got to 12.5C or 54.5C. Everyone was commenting how warm it was outside and many wondered if we would have a white Christmas. This morning, it is 2C or 35F.


We set about yesterday morning to work in the suite and got 9 small tubs upstairs and the bathroom ready to have the floor washed. I got a phone call asking why I wasn’t at work. My day off had been changed with no call to me about it. I rushed around and got to work 45 minutes late.

I spent the majority of the day cleaning up the area I worked in. I did help put away new stock and cleaned up under two tables. I was tired when I got home. But, it felt good getting so much done in a shift.

The Spousal Unit is feeling much more alert after this round of chemo. He didn’t nap yesterday and did a few things outside in the nice weather.


I am putting together the fabric for a second plaid scarf. I need to send the picture of the colours to a friend for approval.


I am thinking about the Christmas project for January. Bags comes to mind. Gift and wine bags.

120 118

This was a fun project and the bag was appreciated by the people whom I gave them to. I will do it in Christmas fabric.

And the gift bag which is fun to make.


What is needed? Cotton for the bags, broadcloth for the lining and a piece of ribbon. More later on about how much you will need.


Though tired, I did get the set of 12 rows done on the scarf. It is moving along and getting long. It also gets tangled now which means I have to watch that I turn it carefully so not to tangle it or untangle it after 4 or 5 rows of knitting.

Today, we have to head out to get the clinic for the Spousal Unit’s dressing change, then up to get the prescription, and home to do a bit of putting away of tubs in the sewing room. I doubt there will be any time left before I work from 1 to 9 p.m.

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