Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Sewing Afternoon

We are going to have some cooler weather. The high yesterday got to 5C or 41F. Yesterday's morning temperature was the same as this morning; -3C or 27F. It seems as if we will be getting winter temperatures for the next week.


Yesterday morning I brought up items from the basement and unpacked them into the sewing room closet. That closet is stuffed full. There isn't a lot left to be dealt with that needs to go into the sewing room. I will be cleaning out under the stairs and putting a few containers under there.

There is a part day of bringing up items from the living room and I can clean the unit once again. We have a couple of boxes upstairs to deal with and we will be unpacked.

I have two boxes almost full to go to the thrift shop. It is nice to release those items from our house. I am sure that more will be released as we paint the rooms over the next year. If we don't use it, it will have to go.


The sewing room is full and I am determined that I have to sew up all the fabric that is in the closet. I realize that I don't need a stash of fabric working in a fabric store. Less will be nice in that room.

After unloading and setting up the serger and finding the manual, I decided to do the rolled hem on the scarf. The serger screen tells you more than the manual does. I set it up, did a test run, and finished the scarf in no time flat.

I fray checked the corners and cut off the hanging strings since taking the picture. It is ready to be wrapped.
When that job was done, I took the tracing pellon square and started to trace out the vest pattern. I have two pattern pieces left to trace and then I can start working on the vest. The serger thread is out for the serger, the sewing thread is out for the machine. We are ready.

After knitting five rows, I had a problem with the scarf. My stitch count was out according to me. Was it really? I don't know as when I unknit three rows, all was well. I got the 12 rows done, put down the scarf and promptly fell asleep sitting in the couch.

Today, I work a full day and the plan is to knit in the evening.
Until tomorrow.....................


  1. I do like that rolled hem on the scarf. I moved my sewing room from the basement upstairs to one of the bedrooms and although I have the serger up here I can't find my rolled hem foot. Likely in a basket that put stuff into to get it out of the way. The colours in the scarf are so pretty.

  2. Lovely scarf. I think you'll really love your new space an awful lot, and no, with a job at the fabric store, you don't need a stash. That's what I found out rather fast,too.