Wednesday, December 02, 2015

A Day Off

Yesterday, the temperature got to almost freezing. The cold snap has moved on and we will now experience the slush and wet from the snow melting. The joys of winter in our area.


I worked an eight hour shift yesterday and was extremely exhausted when I got home. I was pulled off cutting for the afternoon and given the job of price changes in the Bargain Center. I also got to add more bolts of fabric to that area. I was up and down off the floor, bent over, lifting, and pushing hence why I am tired and sore today. But, I got what was assigned to me done. Yes! Yes!

While I was at work, the Spousal Unit did a few things in the house. He is trying not to over do it and is pacing himself quite well. His leg is much better and he is done the medication. Let`s hope he has a good month after his chemo next week.


Not a lot has been done in the sewing room though the shelves are almost done in the sewing room. I have been looking at ideas for Christmas craft sales next year and have a few lined up. I need to use up a lot of Christmas fabric and get it out of the house.

Today, I am off work. We head out to the clinic to get the Spousal Unit`s leg looked at, then home to unpack china, clean some floors and the bathroom and begin setting up the sewing room. I will ache a bit to start with but those aches go away when I keep moving. Maybe pictures tomorrow.

Until tomorrow………………………….


  1. Where do you find your ideas for craft fairs? My friend and I just participated in two, and what we made did not sell, except for the baking. I am at a loss as to where to look to find new ideas. I have looked in Pinterest, but find that site quite overwhelming. Glad the Spousal Unit is feeling better.

  2. Again, I am always impressed with your ability to get tasks done at work and at home.