Sunday, November 15, 2015

Wintry Mix

Yesterday was a grey day with rain forecasted at our level and snow higher up. That suddenly changed and it was announced we would get snow at the lower levels. When we left work at 5:30 p.m., it was pouring rain. This morning when we got up it had snowed. A good inch or so. Our thermostat said this:


I love the term “wintery mix”. Yesterday’s high got to 6C or 42F. Though the thermostat says 4C it is actually 0C out there and the snow is falling. Big wet flakes that accumulates quickly.


It was another busy day at work. I had one huge order in the morning of approximately 50 meters of flannelette. I cut and cut and cut. It was past my lunch time and I had to cut for two more customers. I felt my blood sugar dropping rapidly and had to leave the floor in a hurry. Thank goodness it wasn’t too busy. I was an hour late for lunch.

In the afternoon, I had another huge order of unrolling a bolt of upholstery fabric and then rerolled it back onto the roll. Thank goodness I only had to write up the 2nd bolt as it was still sealed. That was a 29 meter order.

Midafternoon, it became quiet so I put away all of the fabric behind the table I worked at and then started to clean up behind another table. By the time we closed we had 95% of the fabric put away and a lot of displays tidied up. I left very tired and had a lot of muscle cramps last night. I had walked 9 km or 5.7 miles during the day.


I bought the fabric and pattern for Daughter’s vest. I am making the white one for her.


It is unlined and will be perfect for her to wear when riding in the spring.

The Stash/Wardrobe Planning (aka Taming The Beast)

I spent some time thinking about my fabric stash. Some huge decisions need to be made. As I cleaned up the garment fabric displays I worked on my plan of action.

Bottoms- purchased jeans, Ponte pull on pants for cooler weather and something with stretch for warmer weather. This means all other bottom weight fabric except for one piece of denim leaves the stash. Pant design will be pull on pants.

Tops - t-shirts in knits in black, white and a few colours. Cotton knits will stay, all the rest with nylon in it leaves.

Jackets - All can stay including the one piece of denim from bottoms as it is pure black.

Craft/Quilting - all will stay with me for a year. I plan on sewing for a craft bazaar in November 2016. I will evaluate what is left this time next year.

What can I buy?

  • Notions to complete projects
  • Fabric for store projects
  • One or two long sleeved camp shirts if I think I need them

I am pretty much on a fabric diet.

Today, I start work at noon. I hope to finish up the batik grocery bag this morning.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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