Saturday, November 07, 2015

What is Our New Normal?

Yesterday was a typical fall day. The high got to 7C or 45F and people reported flakes of snow falling. The low surprised me -3C or 26F. This morning it is a balmy 7C or 45F. They say rain but the clouds are lighter than they were when we got up.


The Spousal Unit thanks those who gave him good wishes for his treatment. He met for his orientation and got the message that he doesn’t go in until Tuesday morning for his treatment. I can take him in but he has to take a taxi home as I work at 1:30 pm. He felt frustrated about that but knows it is out of his control.

Jill came home late in the afternoon. She is prancing around begging for food. She has a special diet for a week and she loves the food so much her dish is shining clean from licking it. She slept all night for us which is good. The person who works night shift at the clinic cleaned her up, trimmed her, and trimmed her nails so she is feeling good about that. She was a mess from being sick.


I worked an 8 hour shift and came home tired. We were busy serving customers and trying to keep the fabric put away and the store looking neat and tidy. The requests were interesting though. Re-covering chairs and making a headboard were two I helped. Another was a headband for a 1920’s flapper costume. That was fun giving lots of ideas on what to choose. I also helped a lady choose fabric for three floating capes made from lightweight fabrics. There is a lot of flannelette, fleece, and quilting cottons being cut also. Some really great ideas and colour choices.


I moved quite a bit of sewing stuff to the basement and am lining the walls of one room. It is the boxes I had sorted in the summer and stashed in our bedroom. Five or six more trips and our room will be empty of sewing items.

The boxes I put fabric into have the lids off them so I can add to the boxes. I do have more boxes to assemble for other fabrics. I will be opening some of the moving boxes and putting items into their proper containers. Others like books will be moved to the basement unopened. I am looking forward to doing this.

Today, I am off work so we will be grocery shopping, moving items downstairs, and I am going to sew.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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