Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Treatment Day

Yesterday was chilly all day. The high got to 5.7C or 42F. The sun shone and there was a cool wind most of the day. This morning it is warmer at 3.5C or 38F but we can have rain his morning, sun this afternoon and the cool wind. Normal weather for our neck of the woods and we have to adjust.


We hustled around yesterday morning getting ready to head out to the cancer clinic. The pre-treatment took about an hour and I left about an hour after treatment started. I had the dog to put out and then get ready for work.

Two of the quilting guilds in the city donate quilts to the cancer clinic and each patient gets one to take home. They had 52 new ones arrive and about 8 in the cupboard. We got to choose from 60 quilts. All are twin bed size and all are gorgeous. We chose this one.


The large squares are batiks and the brown has a gold design in it.


As this was the first treatment, we were told to expect a reaction to the drug and he did have one. That slowed down the administration of the drug. He goes back tomorrow to finish up. He is looking good and could hardly wait to get home. Bored to tears and starving. Everything on his lunch plate was what he didn’t really like. He ate some of it to survive he said. He had a huge dinner though.

I worked four hours yesterday and went in 30 minutes early to help clean up and to calm my jittery nerves. That lasted 10 minutes and I had to start cutting fabric. The amount of fabric cut in two days was huge and we worked every single spare minute putting away most of the bolts. We really scurried around like crazy women getting it done. The lady in receiving came out to help us clean up putting away two cart full of flannelette and fleece. At the end of the day, the vast majority of the fabric was in its right place.


I got the hand sewing on the first reusable grocery bag done and the second one started. The handles are cut and the interfacing applied. A good start as I had less than 30 minutes in the sewing room.


None was done last night. We had to let family and friends know how things went. We were also wound up from the day.

Today, I am off work. The plan is to unpack more boxes, organize the contents, and sew the next reusable grocery bag. I hope to get a bunch of knitting done also.

Until tomorrow…………………………

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