Tuesday, November 03, 2015

SWAP 2016 Ideas

Yesterday was cool with a high of 11C or 52F. I wore a hoodie at noon. Our mornings have been at about 5C or 41F. That is warmer than the 0C or 32F that is the normal.


Yesterday morning, I painted the second coat of paint in the sewing room closet. It looks great; light and airy. There is a bit of touch up painting to be done and soon I will be unpacking the boxes of sewing items.

I also started cleaning the living room. It was really dusty. I got it wiped down but have the couches to clean and move. At work, others were complaining about the amount of dust in their houses so I don’t feel bad about what I am cleaning up.

I worked a 4 hour shift on the floor and then 4 hours organizing the drapery fabric. That was a lot of work as those rolls are heavy. Once done that several of us cleaned up the Halloween fabric and Christmas cottons. I was really tired when I left work.

My weight is dropping (6 lbs.) and my muscles are getting stronger (and sorer). I am eating well and every day at work I am walking about 5 miles. Though tired, I am feeling better. I have sugar lows daily and eat Skiddles mid afternoon to keep my blood sugar up until break time.


I looked at the SWAP 2016 rules this morning and they are great. How I wish I could join in but I won’t be able to. Family for Christmas until New Years Eve, then the first part of January will be busy in the store. I am hoping I can do it at a distance and it may take me twice as long to sew. My plan is looking like this as it fits in with what I want to do.

1-3 pack in Colour A - Black (2 tops and 1 pair of pants)

1-3 pack in Colour B - White (2 tops and 1 pair of pants)

1 Combo pack of Colours A and B - (plaid shirt in pink/black/white) (top in black and white print)

3 Wildcards - vest in black, 1 pair of purchased jeans, 1 top in white

To this, I hope to knit socks in black, pink, and white striping yarn and a bag in black and white.

What do I need to buy? The plaid and print for the top and the vest material. I may have to buy white for one pair of pants also.

I have chosen black and white as I can add other colours to it to brighten it up. The patterns will be simple ones to sew as I will be replacing them as I loose weight.

Today, we have to do a bit of shopping, fix up paint in the sewing room closet and a bit of house work. I have to be at work from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Until tomorrow……………………….

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