Saturday, November 14, 2015

Shame On Me!!

Yesterday was gray and gloomy but the temperature was lovely. 12C or 53F at noon. The wind diminished making is quite nice outside. We actually did see the sunshine with a high of 12C for 4 hours. Delightful as the weather is changing for the next few days.


We got to work and finished moving the last of the boxed stuff in the living room to downstairs. We hauled most of it by hand and then did 2 loads on the dolly. I wasn’t unpacking two boxes full of knick knacks and good china only to have to put them back into the boxes.


A small box with some Christmas presents is all that is left. The flattened box will go out into the shed until it goes to a friend who is trying to sell her house. Once we had the space empty, I gathered one more load, put it downstairs, and we called it a day. The Spousal Unit was getting tired and needed to rest. I am finding 2 to 3 hours is enough for him at this time.

We both thank everyone for your kind wishes on this journey. We will continue to keep you posted during his next session in early December.

Confession Time

When we moved I thought I had downsized the sewing room stuff/junk/shit to a reasonable amount. Guess what? I DIDN’T!!!!!!! Who would have thought that I brought this much with me.


This defies the Less Is More mantra I have been spouting about.  Sad smile  I am totally ashamed that I am trying to put all that into a 10x12’ sewing room and the vast majority of it has to go into the 8 foot closet.

Shame On Me


This stuff is not to stray into other rooms so I have to decide on what to do!! And in a huge hurry. I need need to use up a lot of fabric or I will have to donate it. I am seeing how having enough fabric for one or two projects is going to be my style in a smaller house. I do envy those who have a large stash and a space to put it all into. 


I cut out the next reusable grocery bag. I love the batik fabric.


The lining is a teal blue cotton. The handles are made and attached to the batik part of the bag. The lining will be done on my next morning off. This is the last grocery bag for Daughter-in-Law. I have a few more small things to make before I tackle a vest for Daughter.

Today I am working 9:30 to 5:30 so I won’t be doing much extra in the household. No hauling to the basement or sewing. Maybe some knitting in the evening.

Until tomorrow……………………………..

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