Thursday, November 05, 2015

One Project Sewn

Yesterday was a chilly one. We got to a high of 6C or 43F. There was a chance of snow last night but it didn’t happen. Clear and freezing. This a.m. there is some fog. And they are calling for snow flurries this morning and sun this afternoon.


I had a busy day again yesterday. I was out to get prescriptions and other items needed in the house while the Spousal Unit is getting chemo. I also had to make a stop to get him a tool to punch holes in metal.

In the afternoon, the person who was recommended to us about refinishing our floors showed up. He can do the floors in three to four days at the end of November. That means I have to move as many boxes to the basement as possible and then we have to hire someone to load the big stuff into a storage can. We are taking the basement suite off the market until Jan. 1. We will live down there while the floors are being done and then unpack boxes down there during December. A better scenario for us.

The Spousal Unit got the hanger and vertical pieces on the wall in the sewing room closet. It will only take half an hour to finish up once the floors are done.


I am pretty excited to see it at this stage. Yes! Yes! Yes!


I got to sew for two hours in the afternoon. I made this Everything Bag. It is the same size as the knitting project bag I bought. I did spend some extra time making sure that the directional prints were correct.


It is done except for the cording. I followed the pattern pretty much as she wrote it. The only thing I did was make the casing 3/4” wide as I am  using cording. I only had the bag open on one side. I sewed the other side from top to bottom.


I just have to knot the two cords together and seal the ends so they don’t fray. 

I think there is enough of the rabbit and polka dot fabrics left to make a zippered bag for knitting notions. After that I will make a bigger one for larger sized knitting projects. I am pretty happy with this pattern which means I will buy the pattern for the other 7 sizes. 

And it felt awesome to sew.


I knit last night and got 1.5” done. I did a quick block of the scarf and still have about 7” left to knit before I change patterns. I hope to knit on it most evening this week. It will be fun to start the next pattern which is driving me to complete the lace part.

Today, I am at work for 8 hours. The Spousal Unit is taking the dog to the vet and is at the cancer clinic this afternoon. I would love to get some of the boxes out of our bedroom and downstairs today. We will see if that happens.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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