Sunday, November 08, 2015

One Christmas Gift Done

Yesterday felt cool due to the wind coming in from the east. The high got to 10C or 49.5F. The sun did shine a lot yesterday which was lovely. This morning it is 7C or 45F; the same as yesterday morning.


Yesterday morning we went shopping. After that job was done, we hauled boxes of sorted sewing items from our bedroom to the basement. When that was done, we started in the sewing room and got more down there. The rest will remain until we get closer to the end of the month.

I have been eating quite well since I started working. I have lost almost 6 pounds to date. I no longer sweat while hauling fabric from one end of the store to the other. I put on a pair of jeans yesterday morning and they are looser than they were 3 weeks ago. My legs and feet get tired so I am going to look for new running shoes. I really need them as the floor is cement.


I sewed for about 90 minutes yesterday afternoon. I made this make-up bag for Daughter-in-law for her knitting notions. I have put in a retractable measuring tape and will add a few more notions to it for her.


The lining is the same fabric and I threw away tiny scraps of fabric when done.


The two pieces.


As the sewing machine has brown thread on it, I will make a resuable grocery bag next. I bought the fabric 2 weeks ago.


I will decide on how to use them when I press them. Will both fabrics be on the outside and the inside? I am looking forward to this project also.


I knit on the scarf last night. When I block it, it measures 42”. Unblocked is 5” shorter. I am sitting on the fence whether to knit more lace as I have lots of yarn. I probably will knit more.


I finally got a picture of true colour. It seems to come out greyish all the time.

Today, I have to do some housework and then be ready for work at noon. I may have a few minutes to play with the bag fabric. That would be a bonus.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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