Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On The Road To Recovery

The weather Sunday and Monday was cool as the next weather system has come in. The clouds came in and brought with it snow. This is how we looked yesterday morning and there is more this morning.


The wind is also blowing this morning. We had a good 5 mm of precipitation. We estimate we had about 5 cm or 2 inches of snow fall; maybe more.


After spending many hours at the ER on the weekend, they got the Spousal Unit out of the danger zone with his blood counts. The sore area was better on Sunday but it flared again yesterday. His temperature bounced up and down from 3 a.m. until 9 a.m. when I got two readings the same at normal.

We were in to infectious diseases yesterday to discover that the staph or strep infection was an abscess. It was dealt with and he got his last IV dose of antibiotics. We went to the cancer clinic to get questions answered and let them know what had happened over the weekend. After that we had to get a prescription filled and headed home. We did rest all afternoon and had pizza for dinner. The Spousal Unit was and is feeling great though sore from the laceration. He is chatty and alert which is good.

The floors got sanded yesterday. They are gorgeous under the ugly stain.


The machines gummed up as the floors had been waxed years ago. Then someone tried to restain them over top of the wax. The wood filler has been applied, nails set, and another sanding done. Stain samples were applied. We have a winner.


Top to bottom: Ebony, Dark Walnut, Provincial. Provincial is the winner. We talked about some other colours but they were too red or too orange. Not what we wanted.  

Today I am going to go grocery shopping and then do what ever else I want to. I am trying to get my energy back over the next two days. I may sew, I may knit, and I may read. It is a day for me.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. Good for you Ann. It sounds like it has been quite stressful around your place the last few days. I take days like that too, especially after we have had a lot of company. I just need a break. So enjoy yours. By the way, I have started a sock for my husband. I find knitting so relaxing.