Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Moving and Sewing Progress

Yesterday started off cool and ended up warming up. Sometime between 9 p.m. and midnight, the temperature got to 4.7C or 40.5F. This morning it is 4C or 39F and it is suppose to get to 9C or 48F. It seems as if our cooler weather is here.


Yesterday morning I headed out alone and got groceries and did a bit of Christmas shopping. I got 3 Christmas stocking and need to get two more of the plaid ones.


After getting home, I started to clean out the guest room and move it all downstairs. I lugged, hauled, sorted, and got it all done except for the bed and two boxes of stemware. There is even stuff in the car for the thrift shop.

Right now I am having to do this by myself. The Spousal Unit has had the wind knocked out of him with chemo. He is tired and dragging his feet behind him. He has lost 6 pounds to date which surprised me.

Thank goodness I still have two full days and one part day off this week. I will get this place ready for the floor guy on Monday. I know I will be tired but you got to do what you got to do. Thank goodness I am in fairly good shape from working in large fabric store.

As I finished up the job at hand, I hung a wreath on our front door.


A closer look at it. Daughter made it for us last year and it is gorgeous.


Perfect for Christmas.


I did get to sew some yesterday. I purchased the pattern to make a larger size bag. I chose the artist bag as it is close to the size ordered. I spent my sewing time cutting out the bag and sewing it up to make a long strip. It is folded in half ready to mark the casing hole. Not a lot left to do and it will be finished. I do like this pattern and will be making a lot more of them in Christmas fabrics from the stash.


The fabric is a bit more elegant and has a sheen to it. The lining is plain cotton.


I hope to make a zippered notions bag for this one also.


I haven’t knit on the scarf for a few nights. I watched this video on doing a life line and need to find some dental floss. Then I will start the next pattern. I also bought some wafer thing markers and will be putting them on the needles at the end of each pattern so I can know if and when I make a mistake. Nearly ready to start.

Today, I work for 8 hours so nothing will get done in the house. I do know I am going to be thinking about some fabric that I am trying to talk myself out of buying. It is Christmas fabric in red, white, grey, and black and a piece of print that is white on white poinsettias with red red centers. It is gorgeous together but I can not buy it I keep telling myself. If I don’t see it at work, I will resist it. Maybe most of it is gone to other homes leaving me unable to buy any of it.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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  1. I used to work in a fabric store which is not so good for a fabriholic like myself. I do hope that you can resist it but maybe get a remnant? Hope your sweet S.U. Feels much better soon. Take care. The wreath is very pretty.