Thursday, November 12, 2015

More Unpacking and Another Bag

Yesterday was cool and it looked like it would rain or snow. The storms scooted around the city. The high got to 10.7C or 51F. This morning it is just freezing and we have a special weather statement for a “powerful storm” that will “race” through our area giving us snow and then rain.


Though I wasn’t sure how the Spousal Unit would be feeling, I decided to unpack more boxes and take the stuff downstairs myself. He was feeling good enough to do go up and down the stairs as I emptied 6 boxes. After 20 trips he said he was tired. At that point I cleaned up and called it a day.


We then headed outside and sat in the sunshine to rest and talk. We talked about the amount of stuff I have to put into the sewing room. It is a lot, so much I am not facing it at the moment.

The Spousal Unit rested during the afternoon. We are being careful so he can do something each day but not be too tired. He started taking chemo pills yesterday and we are not sure how much energy they will sap out of him. We are doing it one day at a time.


After lunch, I headed into the sewing room and made a second reusable grocery bag. I just have the turn through opening left to hand stitch. The sun disappeared when I was ready to do that job.


The fabric is reversed to the last one I made. That way I can use a meter of each fabric with very little waste for two bags.

While sitting in the sewing room, I did think about my stash of fabric. I had gotten rid of 60% of it prior to moving and thought I had done enough. There is still enough left to keep me busy for quite a while in both the garment and quilting/craft department.

Here are my thoughts to date:

  • Much of the craft/quilting fabric is Christmas so I think I will have to sew items for sale at a craft bazaar. Table runners, gift bags, and a few bagged projects that are easy to do. Nothing hard as I don’t want to spend hours fiddling with it.
  • I still plan on using a lot of my garment fabric for muslins as I need to develop TNT patterns for me.
  • I can make the Spousal Unit shirts galore.

Honestly, I really don’t need to buy fabric for quite a while though I will be expected to sew for the store. My plan is 2 to 3 projects a year.


I did knit 6 to 8 rows last night on the scarf. The show I was watching demanded my attention so I only knit and counted stitches during the ads.

Today, I have to drop the Spousal Unit off at the hospital so he can finish his second bag of chemo drugs and head out to work. I am there all day. I hope to knit on the scarf this evening.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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  1. I've been following your blog for a few years. I was born in Dawson Creek and raised near there so when I found your blog I felt like I was going home each time I read it. At the time you were still working up there. Love reading about how you manage to get so much done in a day. Thinking of both you and your husband as he goes through treatment. You both seem to have such a good perspective on it. Keep on writing. I love your blog, your projects, etc.