Sunday, November 01, 2015

I Survived Week One

After a few early morning showers, yesterday turned out to be a beautiful day. It got to a high of 15C or 59F which is awesome for October 31. The low this morning is 9C or 48F with a south breeze. Fabulous.


Yesterday I worked 8 hours. The morning started off slow so we all worked on cleaning the store. I got to lift and wind up and move rolls of drapery fabric. It was a fabulous workout of which I got nearly half of my section done. The store was busy after that and it was amusing to watch people pick up their fabric to make Halloween costumes at the last minute. Glue, safety pins, and sheer determination were what these people had. On the other hand, there were those who were in to pick up fabric for Christmas crafts; stockings in particular. They wandered around looking at all the fabric. In all it was an interesting day.

In the first week of work, I have lost 4 pounds and walked, on the average, 5 miles a day. I have packed and put away a lot of fabric. Though I am a bit sore, I feel great mentally and physically. My blood sugar has been low most days at meal time. I am packing candy with me on the floor as I need it to keep going until break time. I am eating healthy and with portion control both at work and at home.

Last evening, we had about 35 trick or treaters come to the door. It was fun to see their costumes. Each child was very polite saying thank you and many said Happy Halloween also. With every knock on the door or door bell rung, Elliott hid. At the end of the evening, he would run to where I was and sat listening to the children talk. Jill loved going to see the children at the door. She has done that for the last 6 years.

We watched a fabulous display of fireworks from our living room window. Many people were doing fireworks in their back yards. During the night, we heard more fireworks going off with the last one at about 4:30 a.m.

We Skyped with our grandson also. He had finished going around to all the houses on the their crescent (which is huge). He scored over 7 pounds of candy and other treats. All he was interested in was how much it weighed. He will eat some of the candy as part of his snack but most will go to a charity of some sort. Being diabetic means less candy for him and he really isn’t interested in it. He was pretty excited as he had friends over for a movie in the afternoon and another friend for dinner and trick or treating.


I bought a couple of pieces of fabric on deep discount yesterday. A lime green and white soft fabric to make our grandson a blanket and pillow for when he is here. At $2.50/meter I couldn’t buy a blanket. All I will do is serge the edges and turn it under an inch. I will also make a pillow case.

I also got a piece of velour cow hide designed fabric which someone had cut wrong. It seemed to be a piece that was to be measured and sold as is. It was cut about 16-18” from the selvage. I got it for under 8.00 and it will make 3 pillows for Daughter’s living room. Another fast project to make once I get the zippers.

I will be sewing on my next days off. I will do some sewing and some unpacking as the sewing room closet should be completed early this week. I hope to put the second coat of paint on tomorrow morning.

Today, we are grocery shopping and then I am off to work for 6 hours. We have a new sale to learn starting today. I really need to knit on the scarf this evening. I missed last night as it was busy here in the house.

Until tomorrow………………………….

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