Wednesday, November 18, 2015

I Refrained

Yesterday the temperature was warm at 7.6C or almost 46F. It was grey and we had a good rain in the late afternoon. This morning it is -1C or 30C and relatively clear. The storms are gone and we will have cooler but sunny weather.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday. There were two of us cutting and two in management looking after the till. It was steady all day long. On the up side, the other lady and I came up with a plan and we got all the fabric behind the one table put away by closing time. It was hard work and I walked 5.71 miles or 9 km yesterday. The store is ready for staff to tidy up some of the displays, do remnants, and whatever else that needs to be done.

The Spousal Unit got all the baseboard ready to remove. He cut along the top of it as it has a good bead of silicone on it. He said he was tired when he finished that. He also let me know that he had a nap and he woke up when it got really dark outside. The rain came from the north and the sky was black he said.


I worked a bit on the knitting project bag yesterday. I tried to do the square corners at the bottom of the bag according to the directions. It wouldn’t work as the side seams are not pressed. I am going to cut out squares at the bottom and sew them up as I do with another pattern I make. It is so much easier to do.

I did not buy any fabric yesterday. I cleaned up the Christmas fabric and couldn’t find one piece I liked. Another piece I made into a remnant so I can’t buy it as my name is on the wrapper. That saved me from buying anything.

ZippiKnit, I do find it difficult not to buy fabric but so far, so good. We all drool over the fabrics but I do my best not to buy. I have sort of made it into a game.

I am still thinking about my sewing room. I do want it to be minimalist. I do have a lot of stuff and will have to do some sorting out. I know that I need to have control over what goes in that room. Yesterday, I looked at House of Pinheiro's sewing room. I love the simplicity and colour scheme of her room. It has given me ideas of what I can do in my room. I am excited to work in my sewing room again. I am still going with the pale gray for the walls and white for the trim.

Today, I am moving more stuff to the basement and helping remove baseboards from the rooms. I am going to sew up the project bag and put away the sewing machine, ironing board, and what ever else I can move from that room. Another busy day at our house.

Until tomorrow………………………………………..

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