Sunday, November 22, 2015

Feeling Better

Yesterday’s weather was sunny (what I saw of it) and the temperature stayed around the freezing mark. Last night they issued a weather warning that was written with some humour about a storm racing through our parts starting last night. It has now been pushed to today through Tuesday. We are suppose to have 3 to 4 inches of snow. It may stay for a bit as the temperatures are suppose to be below freezing for several days after that.


Thank you for your kind comments with us being in the ER. His temperature when we left for ER was 38.1C. As we walked out of the house, he started to sweat and by the time we got to ER his temperature dropped to 37.1C. In the room, it dropped to 36.7C. His body was trying to fight the infection. Unsuccessfully but trying.

We spent 8 hours in ER, which is no fun. The Spousal Unit was bored and hungry but he survived with lunch early in the afternoon. He had to have blood drawn and urine samples taken to find out what was wrong. His blood counts were low (of course, he’s had chemo) which entailed a heavy duty call to the oncologist on call at the Kelowna cancer clinic. Then there were X-rays of his chest to make sure he didn’t have pneumonia and, later an ultra sound to see if he had a deep rooted infection. The poor doctor then called the head of the Infectious Diseases to get permission for him to go home after a heavy duty dose of antibiotics. Though still sore, he is feeling better. The redness of the infection has receded by about an inch. We head back this morning for a check up and he gets more antibiotics by IV. By the same doctor who, by the way, is fabulous and has a great sense of humour.

After I got Spousal Unit home, settled, and more food in me, I went to work for 2.5 hours. Glad I did as it was busy, busy, busy at the store. Amazingly enough, we got most of the store cleaned up by closing time.

From Friday

We are almost ready for the floors to be done. The fellow is going to have to remove the last of the baseboards as the Spousal Unit can’t do it today. I got to see the rooms empty for the first time as all the rooms had boxes in them when I arrived on moving day.


The basement is another story.


Very cozy according to Elliott. And the Spousal Unit too.


I am going to sew though I have to take out some furniture to access my projects and a sewing machine.


Today, I work after the visit to the ER. It will be another busy day for us at the store. But, I get three days off. I will be home when the floors are being done. I am happy about that. And, I will be rested for the Black Friday Sale next weekend.

If, by any chance, I don’t post next week, it will be because we will have no internet. I am hoping I can plug it in for the evenings after the flooring crew is done. If I can’t, then we will have no internet and no TV.

Until tomorrow……………………..

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