Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Emptying Packing Boxes Labelled Sewing Room

Yesterday was another fall day with sunshine and clouds. The high got to 8.4C or 47C. This morning is cool at -6C or 21F. Hopefully we see lots of sunshine today as it is suppose to be cloudy and wet for the next three days.


I headed out early, had my hair cut and got my flu shot from public health. One of the nurses is a close friend of ours. I tutored her son for 2.5 years and he is now reading for pleasure.

I got home in good time and the Spousal Unit and I tackled the packed boxes in the living room. I would open a box, sort it out into containers and then we would pack them downstairs. When I quit for the day, we had emptied five boxes.


We emptied one more box after this picture was taken.

We had stuff on both the couches as I sorted.


It is fun to see more of the wall behind the love seat. Some time was spent cleaning up what was on the couches.


One third of the boxes are gone and not all the sewing room boxes are unpacked. We must be getting close though. Next unpacking session is Wednesday.

We put everything into the one of the downstairs’ bedrooms and most, if not all, of this has to go into the sewing room.


While I was out in the morning, some city workers were to visit to give the Spousal Unit the scoop of what they will be doing to the street we live on and what will be happening to our property. The packing spot on the road will be gone but that is fine with us. There will be a cement curve at the edge of the road and the city will put lawn up to it and we have to look after that. Two trees will be planted in front of our property. Just before noon, we headed out to look at a street they did late in the summer. It looks fabulous.


I spent some time sewing a reusable grocery bag for Daughter-in-Law. They are easy to make so I can make one in part of an afternoon. I use a lightweight interfacing in the bags so they can be rolled up easily into another bag for storage.


It got too dark to hand sew the turn opening so I will do that in the daylight tomorrow.


I did knit more of the lace pattern. I will continue for a few more evenings and then start the new pattern. I have 6 weeks left to finish it so will need to focus on knitting every evening.

Today we will be rushing around to get ready to go to the cancer clinic. I will sit with the Spousal Unit for a while and then head out to work at 1:30 p.m. The Spousal Unit will take a taxi home as I get off work at 5:30 p.m. Not a lot will be done tonight except knitting.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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