Monday, November 02, 2015

Easy Sewing Projects

Yesterday was another warm day with a high of 13C or almost 56F. This morning it is 5C or 41F and there is some fog. It looks like fall is coming as our temperatures are going to cooler.


Yesterday morning we headed out to shop for groceries. We had to get a new microwave as our old one completely died. We had been using it but had to unplug it when not in use as it would run all the time. The one we wanted was the same as the old one. It must be on the discontinued list as the price dropped $90.00 in a week. We got it home only to discover it was white. We returned it and got a black one. On the second trip in, we went and get the shelving units for the sewing room closet. That was about all we got done in the morning. I had to be at work at noon.

A new sale started at work yesterday. Not only is there a big flyer, but there is 6 pages for us to refer to plus we had to write down sale prices we didn’t get. It was a busy day with customers and when we could, we put away fabric and tidied up shelves. Another good workout as I walked just over 5 miles yesterday at work.

I have to say that I am learning a lot about how the fabric is put away in the store. There is a system which didn’t make sense the first few days but it does now. As I am anal, I want everything looking perfect so I spend a bit of time each day cleaning up a section. One staff member delivered flannelette to me and as I put it away, I did a sort putting them in their proper spots. Satisfaction reigned when I was done.

The Spousal Unit was busy. He put away items from the shed into the basement that will freeze. He also worked on the front entry closet. He will be done soon and I will prime and paint it next.


These are the two pieces of fabric I got. The cowhide is for pillows for Daughter.


I need to get cream coloured zippers and pillow forms to complete that project.

The lime green zig zag fabric is for a blanket for Grandson.


I will get him a pillow for his bed at our house and make a pillow case first. What is left over, I will make into a blanket and may turn under a big hem at the top so the green shows when it is turned down on his bed. This is to be an easy project and I want to use up all the fabric with no left overs.


I did get 12 rows knit on the scarf last night. I then started to doze off. I hate time change as it messes with my sleep habits. I will have to try and knit most nights so I can block and measure it when the first ball is done.

Today, I am painting the sewing room closet in the morning. I start work at 1:30 p.m. and work until 9 p.m. Fours hours on the floor and the rest is cleaning the store. I expect I will be cleaning up draperies which will give me a great workout.

Until tomorrow…………………………….

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