Monday, November 16, 2015

Christmas Sewing List

Yesterday’s snowfall ended in the morning and most of it is gone at the lower levels. The high got to 4C or 39F. Though cool, it didn’t rain much, if any, during the day. The roads were dry when I drove home last night. This morning is a cool -3C or 26F. Though mostly clear this morning, it suppose to cloud up and become windy. Warmer weather is on its way.



Yesterday we worked a 6 hour day short handed. Five us, of which three were cutting, is not enough when the store is busy. But we forged ahead, smiling the whole day and left the store in good condition when it closed. On this crew, four are 60 years old and older. We work as a team to get things done and it works well. Today’s staff has some Christmas and garment fabric to put away. It should take less than 20 minutes to do.

People were out in large numbers again and buying a lot of fabric for Christmas gifts. One young lady came in to buy for her Home Economics’ projects. I helped her out a lot.

I was a slug last night and rested all evening. I am tired and admitting it. I know I am still getting use to the walking (3.7 miles or over 5k yesterday) and the lifting. I still have some aches and pains but they are getting fewer by the week. I will survive this and know I will be stronger.


I spent yesterday’s bit of time sewing the lining and then put the bag together. All that is left is the hand sewing of the opening in the lining. That will be done today.

I did look at what needs to be done before Christmas.

  • Cowboy rag for daughter - this square scarf needs to be cut and rolled hemmed on the serger.
  • Larger sized knitting project bag for daughter-in-law - pattern needs to be bought on line and then sewn up.
  • Vest for daughter - purchased and ready to be done. I have to trace the pattern first.
  • Pillows for daughter - need to buy zippers and pillow forms and then make them. I need to measure them to know how many I will be making.
  • Pillow case and blanket for grandson. A fairly easy project that will be made last.

None of these projects are huge. The longest will be the vest but I have 3 days off next week to work on it.

Today, I am off work and the list is long. Grocery shopping, laundry, and hauling stuff to the basement is the order of the day. I plan on getting a lot done and would love to work in the sewing room for an hour today. I need to figure out how many zippers and pillow forms I need to purchase tomorrow.

Until tomorrow……………………………

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