Friday, November 06, 2015

Another Busy Day

Yesterday was a bit warmer with a high of 9C or 48F. It was sunny when I was outside. People were saying their communities had snow falling in the morning. Today is suppose to be wet and windy.


I worked an 8 hour shift yesterday and we got a lot accomplished. By the time we were finished for the day, all the bolts of fabric were put away and many areas tidied up. I don’t know what the late shift was going to do if it was quiet in the store. I guess put new inventory away.

Our dog, Jill, spent the day and night at the vets. She stopped eating and was very uncomfortable. She has an infection in her stomach so is on medication via an IV drip. They called just before closing to say she ate some and had a trip outside. 

The Spousal Unit had his visit with the oncologist who will supervise his treatment. He was told that he can’t have dental work done, can eat what he wants, and there are very few side effects. He was told his first treatment can take up to 6.5 hours on Monday and he might have to go in again on Tuesday to finish up the treatment. That is the worst case scenario. Best case, he will be home in 4 hours.


We were so busy getting the store cleaned up that I didn’t look at much fabric except bolts of flannelette, fleece, and quilting cottons. I wanted to look at fabrics for a vest for Daughter.


I did knit 8 to 10 rows on the scarf last night. Slow but sure is the name of the game. It will get done.

Today, I work another 8 hour shift. Maybe, just maybe, I can look at the fabric for Daughter’s vest. The Spousal Unit goes back to the clinic for orientation and, hopefully, he can pick up the dog from the vet.

Until tomorrow……………..


  1. Anonymous10:44 AM

    All the best to your husband Ann. I have been through that and out the other side. Not pleasant but figure if it takes care of the errant cells then onward we go.

  2. Life is certainly busy for you these days. Hope your husband has an easy time of it during his treatments. Nice to see that you are sewing again.