Wednesday, November 04, 2015

A Whirlwind of a Day

Yesterday the weather was a combination of sunshine and clouds. When the sun was behind the clouds, it was cool out there. When out, the sun still has some warmth to it. Yesterday’s high got to 10.7C or 51F. This morning is cool at -1.5C or 29F.


Yesterday was a huge whirlwind of a day. We headed out first thing to get our prescriptions filled. A 90 minute wait. We got the meat we wanted and headed home without the prescriptions.

At home we repackaged the meat and got it into the freezer. After lunch, I touch up painted the sewing room closet, cleaned up the painting items and scrubbed the floor.


The colour is perfect in the closet but looks too white in the room. Next step is to get the organizer installed and all my sewing stuff on the shelves.

In the afternoon, the Spousal Unit was going out to buy a cover for the air conditioner and came right back in. The cancer clinic was on the line. He has to go in on Thursday to see the oncologist who will be giving him his treatment and then again on Friday to get an orientation of the clinic and to meet the pharmacist. He has to take chemo pills we think and then starts the IV treatment at 9 a.m. on Monday. This is fast!!

I had to let family know so they aren’t in the dark which takes quite a bit of time. Text and messaging is the name of the game. Once that was done, I got ready to go for a staff meeting, had an early dinner, and left. I was jittery as too much happened too quickly. I need time to process the information which I did while doing an hour of clean up in the store. The best thing is: I don’t work on Monday which is great. I can take the Spousal Unit to and from treatment.


Last night I wandered around the fabric store looking at the fabric to make a shirt for myself. There is only one plaid that matches the sock wool I had with me. Not sure now if I will do that shirt or go with a more lumberjack fabric in red and black. I will be thinking on it for a bit. I’ll try and take a picture of it  tomorrow at work during my break.

I got the fabric ironed to make the first knitting pouch I am making for Daughter-in-law. The cutting mat is out so I am ready to begin.

I will be fighting for space while sewing today as the Spousal Unit will hang the closet organizer today but we will manage. I am getting excited about having my sewing stuff out of packing boxes where I can see it.


I did knit on the scarf last night. The first ball of yarn is done and a rough measurement shows it to be about 34” long. Another 8 to 10” of knitting before I start the next pattern. I am looking forward to starting the next pattern. Maybe this weekend I will be able to begin.

Today, I have to pick up prescriptions and then I want to cut out and sew on the first knitting pouch. We have someone coming in to look at the hardwood floors. We will then know if we can refinish them or will have to replace them. It will be a busy day off.

Until tomorrow………………………………

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